The facilitation of Economic Growth per Business Sector by creating Platforms for Engagement involving Business, Government and the Community as part of a bottom-up approach

GrowSA is a Non-Profit organisation established with the aim to facilitate Economic Growth and Opportunities for All within the various Business Sectors operating in the Southern Africa Region. South Africa in particular, is a country with huge untapped opportunities when available mineral resources, the agricultural diversity and tourism potential coupled with a well-developed transport infrastructure is taken into account. However, the greatest and most important challenge up until now has been the creation of a Platform where Business, Government and the Community can liaise and strategize together in taking our economy to the next level. GrowSA is specifically aimed at creating these platforms on Local-, Provincial- and National Level where interaction, strategic planning and project implementation will be facilitated.

The specific focus on Economic Sectors have the potential to affect Economic Growth  in four ways:

  • by increasing the productivity of the companies per sector;
  • by driving innovation in the field;
  • by stimulating new businesses in the field, and
  • by creating opportunities for micro/small business to grow by becoming part of the supply chain environment of large businesses.

The Various Chambers of Commerce/Business Formations operating on either Local-, Provincial- or National Level will function as Partners of the GrowSA Model by facilitating

Workshops per Economic Sector with the following Key Focus Areas:

What are the Combined Goals for that Sector identified by all Role Players?

What are the Challenges/Blockages prohibiting economic growth for a specific Sector?

What are the Opportunities for Growth within that Sector?

Projects and Action Plans per Sector and Area will be the logical next steps as part of the implementation process to facilitate Economic Growth and by so doing
Create Opportunities for All.


  • Agriculture & Agro-Processing
  • Automotive
  • Infrastructure and Property Development
  • ITC
  • Financial Services
  • Manufacturing
  • Mining
  • Retail
  • Tourism

Economic Growth


GrowSA has been established to facilitate Economic Growth and Opportunities for All within the various Business Sectors operating in the Southern Africa Region.

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