GrowSA provides a Practical Model for Business, Government and the Community to work together on Growing the Economy per Business Sector.


Business opportunities and implementation Strategies are determined via practical Workshops per Area/Region.


Become a Partner of GrowSA and share your Expertise and Capacity in Growing our Economy!

Who we are

GrowSA has been established to facilitate Economic Growth and Enterprise Development within the various Industries operating in South Africa and the Southern African Region.

South Africa in particular, is a country with huge untapped opportunities when available mineral resources, the agricultural diversity and tourism potential coupled with a well-developed transport infrastructure is taken into account. However, the greatest and most important challenge up until now has been the creation of a Platform where Business, Government and the Community can liaise and strategize together in taking our economy to the next level. GrowSA is specifically aimed at creating these platforms on Local-, Provincial-, National- and Regional Level where interaction, strategic planning and project implementation will be facilitated.


 The success of GrowSA is based on effective and structured partnerships between Business, Government and the Community per Industry/Sector. The various Business Chambers/Associations operating on Local Level are playing a key role in the facilitating of workshops per Industry and Area focussed on Enterprise and Supply Chain Development.

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Businesses are generally operating on two levels, namely to promote their:

  • Service/Product Offering and…
  • to address the Needs within their Business              

The Business Generator has been developed as an Online Lead Generating System to matchmake Needs with Offerings amongst businesses operating on the GrowSA Platform.

If you are in need of a Quotation, specify your needs and summit your Request for fellow GrowSA Partners to respond.

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Who we are

GrowSA is a Non-Profit organisation established with the aim to facilitate Economic Growth and Enterprise Development within the various Business Sectors operating in the Southern Africa Region. Read More...

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