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GrowSA provides an Exciting and Practical Model for the facilitation of Economic Growth per Business Sector.

AgriCAD RT180 / RT270

The AgriCAD RT270 multi purpose low speed bottom dump mass trailer present the farmer with an affordable solution for the challenges of handling bulk loads of grain during harvesting. The removable sides offer the opportunity to convert into a flat deck trailer configuration during the off season for multi purpose use. The hydraulic braking system guarantees safe transportation of a 22.5 ton load over longer distances. The bigger carry capacity of 22.5 ton versus the more traditional 8 to 16 ton trailers optimizes the cost per ton ratio by as much as 200%. The load distribution transfer as much as 2.5 ton onto the tractor draw bar which in turn optimizes the traction and manageability in the field.

Specifically designed for Africa’s conditions to optimize the outputs required by the continent’s farmers the RT270 multi purpose trailer offers the following practical advantages:

Hydraulic braking system that safely and effectively negotiate the 27 ton trailer.

Easily removable upper structure for configuration as a flat deck trailer.

The sluices and landing leg are hydraulically operated by the tractor driver from the cabin.

22.5 ton payload.

Modular design enhances the replacement of the welded components.

Optimizes driver productivity as one driver handles as much as double the amount of grain with out disembarking the tractor.

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Economic Growth


GrowSA has been established to facilitate Economic Growth and Opportunities for All within the various Business Sectors operating in the Southern Africa Region.

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